Approved Activity Providers

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How to become an Approved Activity Provider

Approved Activity Providers (AAPs) are organisations, both commercial and charitable whose sectional opportunities have been approved by the DofE, as meeting our sectional conditions and can count towards the achievement of a DofE Award.  AAPs are able to provide Assessors to sign off the section.
You can confidently use these organisations but please remember that it is your Licensed Organisation that has the final say on the suitability of a programme in terms of health and safety requirements and the DofE can give no assurances as to the financial stability of an AAP. When booking on to an open expedition the participant/parent/guardian is responsible for evaluating the health and safety of the expedition as it is a private contract with the AAP.

Complete an Initial Interest Form

If you are interested in applying to become an AAP, please complete our online Initial Interest form or alternatively get in touch with our AAP Team directly:


Complete our online Initial Interest Form here

Expedition Enquiries: 01753 727 477
Residential / Volunteering Enquiries: 01753 727 482


AAP Information Pack

Please download the AAP information pack to find out more about the benefits, the application process and some frequently asked questions.

Do I need an AAP licence?

It is mandatory for an organisation to hold an Expedition AAP licence in order to run any aspect of the Expedition section. It is however possible to offer activities that may count towards the Residential and/or Volunteering section(s) without an AAP licence.

This guidance document sets out in more detail who needs to hold an Expedition section AAP licence and in what situations one is not required. It also has additional AAP Expedition section specific information.



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