Businesses believe in DofE Award holders

On  you’ll find a list of organisations including Amey, British Gas, Royal Mail, and DFS, that truly believe in the work-ready skills DofE Award holders have to offer.

The skills young people gain while doing their DofE make them a valuable employee. Whether it’s the leadership, teamworking or initiative demonstrated as part of their expedition or the commitment, communication and positivity showcased through their Volunteering and other sections.  These are all skills that all employers are looking for.


Talk to over 400,000 DofE

participants over 16 years old


The DofE is introducing a new opportunity to reach more than 400,000 current and past participants over 16 years old.

As employers this enables you to advertise in an email to our participants when they will be considering either Apprenticeships, employment roles or University. 

The email programme is scheduled to reach the 16-24 year olds at key decision times:

• March – National Apprenticeship Week
• August – GCSE / A level results
• October – UCAS opens
• January - UCAS closing

This is a great opportunity to reach a high volume of proactive, committed, and socially aware young people.

To discuss this or any other ways your brand could become engaged with the DofE network please contact:

or for more information

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