Thanks to a range of generous charitable donations, funding is available to support DofE participation throughout the South East region.

Generally this funding supports the guiding principle of DofE being achievable by all, by supporting disadvantaged young people and those with additional needs, Centres working with these young people or new Centres. Some funding is also restricted to specific geographical areas within the region.

Funding usually has to be supported by DofE Managers or Co-ordinators and may require feedback to be provided in the form of reports and photographs.

When considering any application for funding, we will investigate track records for providing feedback for previous funding and the progress of Participants who have been supported, e.g. whether they achieved their awards.

The Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust
Funded by The Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust, this Bursary is intended to assist young people to participate in a DofE programme. Assistance is provided to those who would otherwise not be able to take part for financial reasons.

At this point (March 2017) there are no more bursaries available so unfortunately we are unable to accept any more applications. If further funding becomes available we will update this page.

For those who have been granted funding, we require a report with supporting digital photographs after approximately six months. This is a mandatory requirement of the funding process.

Free Participation Places
Free Participation Places (FPP) are provided to increase the number of young people from disadvantaged background, or with additional needs, to take part in DofE. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer FPP to young people satisfying appropriate criteria.

We are keen to encourage as many young people as possible to participate in DofE programmes at any of the three Levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The form must be completed by a DofE Manager within a DLC or an OA and submitted to the South East Regional Office. Places are subject to availability.

1. Participant home address is in IMD 1-3 area (postcode must be entered accurately on eDofE).
2. Participant has a disability (this must be declared on eDofE). Please refer to the Disability Discrimination Act for definitions of disability, which include Asthma, Dyslexia and ADHD.
3. Participating at a Centre which is designated as working exclusively with disadvantaged young people.

If none of these criteria are relevant but you still believe that the young person qualifies for FPP then you may still apply using criteria 4, although you will need to provide supporting information on the form.

Download the form here to apply.

Other South East Funding Opportunities

If you have a project which requires funding, and supports our principle of being achievable by all, please contact your Operations Officer (contact details on our team page).

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