Regional Resources

You can find our full collection of national resources here.
These resources have been created by the South East region to support the delivery of DofE.

Accident/Incident Form – A form to report any incidents that occur while on Expedition. If used, please return it to SERO.

Adding Evidence to eDofE – A poster detailing required content for an assessor’s report as evidence.

Adding News to eDofE – A guide to adding news to the eDofE front page.

Brand Centre – A guide to the DofE Brand Centre.

Buying Participation Places – A guide for new Managers on buying PPs on eDofE.

Combined Programme Planner– a print out for leaders to use with participants before they log into eDofE.

Creating Participants – A guide for new Managers on creating participant places.

DofE Coordinator handover questionnaire – To support the transition between DofE Coordinators in schools.

Employability Flyer – A flyer to use in careers departments and tutorials to promote the benefits of DofE and employability.

Expedition Myths and Legends Survey – answers – A chart of answers for Expedition section myths.

Expedition Set Up – A document on how to set up Participant Expeditions via Expedition Set Up on eDofE.

Increasing Awards Achieved – A flyer with tips to increase an LO’s Awards Achieved rate.

Leaving School? – a flyer to issue to students who are leaving school without finishing their DofE.

New Term Tips – A flyer to help recruit adults and young people at the start of the academic term.

Residential Top Tips – A flyer with tips on the Gold Residential section.

School Ages and the DofE – A planner sheet to show when participants can complete parts of their DofE.

Single Sign On – A flyer describing the eDofE Single Sign On Process.

Top Tips for Presentation – A poster with tips and guidelines for effective presentations.

Tutors’ Factsheet – A sheet of tips and information for new DofE staff.

Youth Justice Contacts – An updated list of Youth Justice Contacts (Oct 2015).

Email Templates

Assessor Request Template – A template email for a participant to send to an assessor to request their report.

eDofE Account Prompt Template – A template email to send to participants who have not yet logged into their eDofE accounts.

Expedition Aims Template – A template email to send to participants who have not completed their Expedition section.

One Section Left Template – A template to send to participants with one section incomplete.

Completions Parents’ Template – A template to send to parents of participants whose accounts have been uncompleted for some time.

2016 Manager Meeting Resources

Presentation PowerPoint slides
Expedition Information for Assessors
Meeting booklet


LifeZone flyer – A flyer about the LifeZone website for participants and Award holders.

LifeZone Lesson Plan – A lesson plan for DofE groups to get to know the LifeZone. To be used in conjunction with the question sheet (below).

LifeZone Question Sheet – A question activity to help participants explore the LifeZone.
The DofE Volunteer Management Toolkit can be downloaded through the Resource Zone in eDofE.

Expedition Resources

We are delighted to now offer the 2017 Campsite Directory – an online mapped tool of campsites in the UK that welcome DofE groups. If you would like to add a campsite or feed back on any of the listed sites, please contact us.

Protect the Countryside Posters – A series of three posters to display detailing protection of the countryside (themed on litter, wildlife and pathways).

Kent analysis of Gold direct entrant completions

In 2013 Norry Barber, DofE Manager at Kent County Council, conducted research into levels of completion with respect to Direct Entrants opposed to those who had progressed from another level.

Read his findings here

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