Click on the links below for helpful hints and tips:

 * The DofE and the Fire and Rescue Services
    Information on how the Fire and Rescue Services can support the DofE.

 * Expedition Planning Timetable
     A colourful timetable of planned expeditions during an academic year.

 * Guidance on Assessing Multiple Expedition Groups
     DofE guidelines on the number of expedition teams that an Accredited Assessor should assess at any one time.

 * Suggested Implementation Calendar
     A structured operational plan for fitting DofE delivery across all three levels into an academic year.

 * Template to Design your DofE Delivery
     Use this template to plan your DofE delivery over the forthcoming year, broken down into the following categories – promotion/celebration, eDofE, Expeditions, Other.

 * Template for growing numbers in a DofE centre
      A visual representation of the potential growth in participation and the expedition resources required. Modify this template for your own organisation.

 * Programme Planner for activity choices
      A combined programme planner to aid participants in their programme choices. Useful at the enrolment stage.

 * How to create participant accounts on eDofE
      Pictorial instructions for Managers and Leaders on how to create eDofE accounts for participants.

 * Using Expedition set up on eDofE
      Pictorial instructions for Managers and Leaders on how to quickly enter all expedition details for a group on eDofE.

 * Completion flyer
      Shared good practice from around the Region on how to improve the completion rate at your organisation.

 * Assessor Report Fact Sheet
      DofE guidance on what is, and what is not, acceptable as an Assessor Report.

 * Assessor Report FAQs
      Your questions answered in regards to acceptable Assessor Reports.

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